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UML’s range of rubber formulations have been developed to cater to multi-applications in different therapeutic segments. Our high tech formulations can adapt to the most challenging therapeutic segment. Strict raw-material sourcing guideline ensures quality and purity of our formulations which are;

  • Latex Free
  • 2MBT Free
  • Non-Cytotoxic
  • Compatible with Steam, EtO, and Radiation Sterilization
  • Complies with EP/BP/USP/JP
  • Complies with ISO 8871 / 8362-2 / 8362-5 / 8536-2
  • Thiomersal Compatible formulation available.
  • Low Extractables and Leachables Compunds.

UML’s rubber compounds are registered  in the US in a Type III Drug Master File. Letters of Authorization for this DMF are available upon request

Natural Rubber

Used for 13mm and 20mm vial stoppers and syringe plungers. Good coring and resealing properties. Available in plain washed or Pre siliconised.

Butyl Rubber

Available in sulfur less and sulfur-cured 13mm and 20mm stoppers, plungers, cannulas in plain-washed or silicone-treated surfaces. Very low water vapor transmission properties. Used for both aqueous and vegetable oil-based products.


Used for 13mm and 20mm stoppers. Also used for 28mm stoppers. Very low water extractables. Available in plain-washed or silicone-treated surfaces.

Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)

Used for needle covers and specialty items. Available in plain-washed, silicone-treated surfaces.


Used for 13mm and 20mm stoppers. Used primarily in contact with mineral or vegetable oil-based products. Available in plain-washed, silicone-treated surfaces.


Used for 13mm or 20mm stoppers. Excellent heat resistance. Very low extractables. High water vapor transmission rates. Recommended for both dry heat sterilization and steam sterilization.

Ethylene Propylene Diene (EPDM)

Used for 13mm and 20mm stoppers. Excellent compatibility in blends with other polymers.

Polymer Blends

Blends of most rubbers are available or can be developed to obtain intermediate properties for specific applications such as USP water for injection. Both sulfurless and sulfur-cured blends are available.

Special Treatments

Inquire about reducing extractables and improving compatibility by selecting special treatments on finished parts.