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UML offers quality solutions in closures for Lyophilized applications with universal elastomeric formulations that guarantee packaging integrity, safety, and efficacy. Our Lyophilized Stoppers ensure minimum dead volume and <0.1% Moisture Content. Available in a spectrum of designs, these stoppers exhibit properties of self sealing and good resistance to coring.
  • Lyophilized Stoppers complying to ISO 8362-5 & ISO 8871
  • Latex, Zinc, 2MBT & Nitrosamine free Formulations
  • Clean Room complying to ISO 14644
  • Customized Design and Formulation Options
  • Minimum dead volume after reconstitution
  • Residual moisture content <0.1%

Our Lyophilization Closure Range offers widest variety and blends in RHS (Ready for Sterilization) and RFU (Ready for Use) formats.

Products Registered with Type 3 US DMF (Drug MAster File), USA
Products complying to ISO Standards :
ISO - 8871, ISO - 8536 - 2, ISO - 8362 -2 and ISO - 8362-5

All Poducts also available as UNISURE-RFS (Ready for Sterilization) and UNISTAR-RFU (Ready for use)

Product Specification of 13 mm
Code No. : 155 13mm        
Code No. : 159 13 mm        
Product Specification of 20 mm
Code No. : 114 20mm