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Creativity and innovation are at the heart of UML's core values. Collaborative R&D efforts have led to new application development. Design of Serum Stoppers suitable for High Speed filling lines and Fluoro-Laminated Stopper (inert barrier coating) for sensitive drug applications again reflect our innovative expertise.

UML's serum closures are designed and manufactured with physical, chemical and biological attributes to ensure product safety, integrity and efficacy.

  • Serum Stopper complying to ISO 8362-2 & ISO - 8871
  • Latex, Zinc, 2MBT & Nitrosamine free Formulations
  • Low Extractables and Leachables
  • Silicone RTV Coating
  • Customized Design and Formulation Option
  • Stopper suitable for high speed filling lines - 600 vials/min.

Our Serum Closure Range offers widest variety and blends in RHS (Ready for Sterilization) and RFU (Ready for USE) formats.

Products Registered with Type 3 US DMF (Drug MAster File), USA
Products complying to ISO Standards :
ISO - 8871, ISO - 8536 - 2, ISO - 8362 -2 and ISO - 8362-5

All Poducts also available as UNISURE-RFS (Ready for Sterilization) and UNISTAR-RFU (Ready for use)

Product Specification of 13 mm
Code No. : 164 13mm        
Code No. : 164 13mm        
Code No. : 164 13 mm        
Product Specification of 20 mm
Code No. : 107 20mm        
Code No. : 106 20mm   Code No. : 106 20mm    
Code No. : 123 20mm